The Globalization Project at the University of Chicago
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The Globalization Project was active from 1996-2002. Its director, Arjun Appadurai, is no longer affiliated with the University of Chicago.

The International Network

The Globalization Project international network, known as IGN (International Globalization Network), spans five continents. Originally established as a collaboration between
  • the University of Chicago,
  • the Universities of Amsterdam and Leiden in the Netherlands, and
  • the Universities of Stockholm and Lund in Sweden,
The network now comprises units in
  • Asia (India and Japan)
  • Latin America (Brazil)
  • the Middle East (Jordan and Egypt) and
  • Africa (Senegal)
Representatives meet biannually in one of the affiliated institutions for discussion both of scholarly presentations and of questions of organizational expansion and impact. Meeting sites include Stockholm, Cairo, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Calcutta and Chicago. Topics for meetings have included "Global Transnationality," "The International Organization of Knowledge" and "Globalization and the construction of Communal Identities." In some cases the proceedings of the international meetings are published. Apart from bringing together an international group of scholars concerned with the topic, the network aims to stimulate cooperative and interdisciplinary research and discussion on questions of globalization in the institutions and countries where the meetings take place. Thus the network functions as an international catalyst for scholarly and curricular agendas.

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