The Globalization Project at the University of Chicago
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The Globalization Project was active from 1996-2002. Its director, Arjun Appadurai, is no longer affiliated with the University of Chicago.

Fellowship Programs

The Globalization Project established a series of visiting fellowships at the University of Chicago to promote interdisciplinary and international cooperation on questions of globalization. The fellowship program consisted of both senior and post-doctoral positions, which were advertised internationally every year and awarded on the basis of a competitive selection procedure.

Themes for the fellowships were established annually and included:

  • "Rights and Representation"
  • "Territory: Belonging and Sovereignty"
  • "Environment and Dislocation"

Fellows spent four to nine weeks at the University carrying out their research, interacting with other participants in the Project and presenting their work for discussion and comment. Visiting fellows also had the opportunity to contribute to discussions and debates among students and faculty at the University of Chicago.

The Project made every effort to integrate the fellows into relevant seminars, workshops, and conferences during their stay. The fellows included political scientists, anthropologists, lawyers and sociologists working on India, Brazil, Hungary, Poland, and Malaysia.

View a list of former fellows.

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